New Wallpaper and Website Header

Hey guys

Sorry, I’ve been busier than ever recently and haven’t been able to post the reviews, but I can tell you they’re coming. Also, you may have noticed the website has a new, more modern header image. I have also made a wallpaper of this image, for computers with a 1280×800 pixel resolution. Enjoy! 😀



Hi guys, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

I’ve just been really busy my with Coder Dojo, interviews, and important stuff, and haven’t been able to post very regularly. Well, now I’ve got loads of new kit which I’m just BURSTING to review (and develop for!)

So the list is:

  • A Sony PlayStation Vita (yes, that’s a PS Vita! I’m so excited…)
  • An Apple iPhone 4S
  • An Apple iPad 2
  • And I’ve even had a quick hands-on with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 😛

Also, I’m doing reviews on:

  • An Amazon Kindle Fire (yes, I’ve set it up in Ireland.)
  • A Dell Inspiron Duo
  • An Acer Aspire One 722

So yeah, I can’t wait to review these (and a quick hands-on with the Galaxy Nexus)

Plus, development for them all (especially the iStuff and the PS Vita) should be brilliant!

The Harman

PizzaBot Season(ing)s Released, PizzaBot Rising to Rival Angry Birds and FIFA 12

My new app, PizzaBot Season(ing)s has been released!

If anyone was watching RTE recently, you might have come across some stuff about me releasing a sequel to PizzaBot, PizzaBot Season(ing)s for Mac and iOS.

Due to rising publicity, PizzaBot has risen In the ranks to become No.2 Top Game and No.3 Top App on the iOS App Store, with PizzaBot Season(ing)s reaching No.27 Top Game. They’re coming down a bit now, so if you could download them that’d be great!
Here are the download links for PizzaBot and PizzaBot Season(ing)s:



PizzaBot Season(ing)s:



PizzaBot Season(ing)s:


The Harman

PizzaBot Passed Angry Birds Out as Top Paid App on the Mac App Store!

Back there, for a full half hour, my app (PizzaBot, for anyone who’s been living on Pluto) bypassed even ANGRY BIRDS and Call of Duty as TOP PAID APP ON THE MAC APP STORE! Angry Birds has taken over again, so please help me to get PizzaBot back on top by clicking the link and downloading the app!

PizzaBot Download Link!

This means a lot to me, so please buy!

The Harman

PizzaBot App Status: On App Store!

It’s been a long night, but it’s paid off. My first game, PizzaBot, is now on the Mac App Store! Apple seemed to REALLY  like it this time, with the final three publishing steps, which should have taken days, completing in the space of 10 minutes! I’ve got loads of great feedback, so everyone just please go on the app store and download it now! There is a link below:

PizzaBot Download Link!

According to anyone who has tested it, this game scores 8-10 out of 10! PizzaBot is available on the mac app store for just €0.99!

Also, forgot to mention that this is also the game of the youngest Mac OS X developer in the world!

The Harman


Which Smartphone Operating System is Better? Android, iOS or Windows Phone 7.

There’s a lot of hype about which smartphone to get for Christmas, with a similar amount of indecision: Most kids want a BlackBerry, but if I know anything, it’s that RIM (Research In Motion, creator of BlackBerry) is NOT hot at the moment. I mean, all their texting and email services went down for three days, and the only collateral they’re offering is an app. An app? Everyone knows BlackBerry apps suck. So a BlackBerry, in my opinion, is not the thing to ask for.

RIM’s BlackBerry OS has fallen behind, Nokia’s Meego and Symbian are gone, so that leaves us with three different Operating System’s to choose from: Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Apple’s iOS.

About a month back, we had a similar contest between the same company’s Desktop Operating Systems, with Apple emerging the winner, Google close behind, and Microsoft dead last with 1 vote (HaHa!)

Every one of these smartphone operating systems are brand new out-of-the-box, with Apple’s new iOS 5, Google’s new Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7.5.

They also have new Flagship Smartphones, with Apple’s iPhone 4S on iOS 5, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus on Android 4, and Nokia’s Lumia 800 (pictured) and HTC’s Titan on Windows phone 7.5.

Usually in my comparisons I try not to spark a World War III between geeks, so I do a poll. And that’s what I’ve got here. I can’t really express any favouritism, as iOS 5 is the only version of the new operating systems I’ve used, but back in the old days I always preferred Apple’s approach. So here is a general poll, which includes the older versions for anyone who hasn’t used the new ones yet. Happy voting!

The Harman

Apple Issues Replacement Program for 1st Gen iPod Nano

Apple has issued a new replacement program for users who own their 1st gen iPod Nano devices, stating:

“Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the battery in the iPod nano (1st generation) may overheat and pose a safety risk. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006,” the company wrote. “This issue has been traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with a manufacturing defect. While the possibility of an incident is rare, the likelihood increases as the battery ages.”

Basically meaning, you should get a replacement for your Nano now. And you can do just that by clicking the below link:

iPod Nano Replacement Program

Read the identifiers  and look at the images on the page to identify your iPod for replacement.

(You will need the iPod serial number in order to get a replacement)

The Harman

PizzaBot App Status: Waiting for Review (Again…)

Sorry about the break in app status updates, guys, but we suffered a few setbacks from Apple when they found out I was Twelve and had my own iTunes account, so my account (And PizzaBot’s status) got deleted. But don’t worry guys, PizzaBot is back on track. It should be on the Mac App Store by or on the 16th of November 2011, and I’m feeling a lot more confident this time. I’ve fixed all of the graphics issues, added a few features (including fullscreen mode) and resubmitted it. So it is probably going to be successful this time (I’ll update again when it enters “In Review”)

The Harman

Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux: Which is REALLY better (poll results)

Hey guys

If you can manage to pull out a distant memory of our poll about which is REALLY the best computer operating system (It must have been, what? A month ago?!) You’ll note there were 3 competitors: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux. The poll was about which was really the best operating system. You might have been pulling your hair out over this, but here is the winner at last:

(Anticipation Music)

The Mac!

YAAY for every Apple fan! The Mac is now, officially:

THE BEST OS! (Sorry, the picture’s a bit messy, but you get the point?)

If you want to know the poll results, here they are in order of size:

Mac: 50% (3 votes)

Linux: 33.33% (2 votes)

Windows: 16.67% (1 vote)

So there you are. Sorry Microsoft fans, but today’s not the day for you. Linux supporters, I didn’t know the OS was that popular! But likewise to Windows, you’ll have to wait for a victory.

But as for my fellow Apple maniacs, WAHOO! Beat that, Mr. Marshall! (Mr. Marshall is my teacher in school. He also holds the proud title of being the only person in the world to vote for Windows.)

So that’s that. I always thought Mac would win, being, um… BETTER and all that. But I’m still both surprised and delighted by Apple’s popularity.

Great voting, guys!

The Harman

PizzaBot app status: Pending Review

Okay guys, big news. I’VE FINISHED PIZZABOT FOR MAC! That puts it in a nutshell. Although the development process was tedious, and the publishing process was completely grueling, I finally managed to create my first app store game. I googled it, and, at 12 years old, I’m probably the youngest person in the world to develop a mac app. Not many kids do it, you know. Well, I finished the GameSalad publishing process a few days ago, but the iTunes Connect development took a while. Also, I want to correct a statement I found while googling: If you make an app, the paid app contract acception does not take weeks. When I proposed a contract, it took about an hour for apple to accept. I’m guessing they’re getting quite a few more jobs, with the recession and all. Also, I want to thank a GameSalad user and video creator usernamed TShirtBooth. Man, those videos saved my life in development.

Anyway, I’ll post you when the app is published. Here is an image of what the app icon should look like:

Thanks for all the support.

The Harman